Our integrated approach means that we understand what you want to achieve and get you there faster.


With so many different superannuation options available, it can be complicated, confusing and difficult to decide which superannuation solution is best for you.

Our team can assist you with superannuation and retirement advice. We’ll get to know you and your situation and help you establish and run an SMSF that helps you plan effectively for your retirement goals. We have established a service offering that provides you with the flexibility and control over your SMSF with experts in tax, financial advice and retirement to guide you along the way.

What is a Self Managed Super Fund?

A SMSF is a structure that receives and manages funds and investments on behalf of the members. It has a maximum of four members, all of whom must be trustees (or directors of a corporate trustee). As a Trustee you effectively control the SMSF, the investment strategy and the investments.


  • Control over how funds are invested
  • Greater flexibility in investment types
  • Asset protection advantages
  • Better management and flexibility of contribution levels and methods
  • Reduced tax rates apply to superannuation (generally 15% or less and nil on retirement)
  • Control over the types and level of insurances held within the fund
  • Significant control over retirement and death benefits
  • Estate planning strategies and control
  • Provide a retirement savings structure specific to member needs and desires
  • SMSFs are popular with clients who want to directly manage their investments and attend to the administration and compliance responsibilities

How Can We Help You

  • Preparation of Financial Reports
  • SMSF Audit
  • Insurance Strategy & Management
  • Compliance & Taxation Management
  • Investment Strategy & Management
  • Ongoing advice to ensure you are on track

We can design a personalised plan that explains how we can help you to reach your financial goals.